Butt Augmentation (Fat Transfer, Brazilian Butt Lift) San Diego, Steve Laverson, MD

Before and after fat transfer from thighs to buttocks. 600 cc fat grafted to each buttock. Photo shows before and six months after. Dr. Laverson prefers fat to implants for buttock augmentation because fat is the patient's own natural tissue, and rarely is there a visible scar from the procedure. Preferred fat donor areas are flanks, waist, and thighs. This procedure also called "Brazilian Butt Lift," or "BBL." Usually accomplished under general anesthesia. the operation lasts about three hours. Patients advised not to sit on buttocks for several weeks after BBL for longer than ten to fifteen minutes at a time, or to use BBL pillow beneath thighs if prolonged sitting is necessary (e.g. when driving). Feel Beautiful Aesthetic Wellness and Plastic Surgery, San Diego, CA.