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About Chin Augmentation

Chin augmentation is a cosmetic procedure that redefines the profile of men and women who have a recessed chin or one they feel is too large. Often, a chin that is too small in size can create a lack of facial definition. To address this, cosmetic chin surgery can be performed to enhance your profile. The most effective technique to accomplish this is by using an implant to create a more prominent jawline and an appealing profile. In San Diego, CA, board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Steve Laverson provides his patients with a number of options for gorgeous chin augmentation. For oversized chins, genioplasty could be an excellent way to balance your features. This surgery removes bone and cartilage to reduce the chin and jaw to a smaller size.

Ideal Candidates

Chin augmentation is a highly sought-out procedure among men and women alike. If you are unhappy with the appearance of your chin and are unhappy with your undefined profile, chin augmentation with an implant can improve this and add dimension to your face. Often, patients can combine rhinoplasty with their chin augmentation procedure to balance their features. Performing these treatments alongside one another produces dramatic results that look stunning and work together to increase the attractiveness of your face for years to come.

Surgical Technique

During your chin augmentation procedure, local anesthesia will be used. If multiple procedures are being performed along with your chin surgery, general anesthesia may be used instead. To begin, an incision will be made underneath the chin or inside of the lip, and a surgical pocket to hold the implant will be formed. This pocket will be located directly on the surface of the mandible and lower jawbone. Your desired implant will then be placed and positioned so that it rests securely. Tiny sutures are then used to safely close the skin. Regardless of the incision location, any scars that result from your procedure will be easily hidden.

What to Expect

Cosmetic chin surgery produces immediate results. The fact that your results will be noticeable right after your procedure can be exciting for many. Even though facial swelling and discoloration will be present right after your surgery, these effects are temporary and will fade over time. In most cases, chin augmentation requires a week-long recovery. During this time, you should avoid any strenuous activity and rest. Chin augmentation is known for its extremely high success and satisfaction rates. When you place your cosmetic care in the capable hands of Dr. Laverson, your results will be stunning and last a long time.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does chin augmentation cost?
The cost for your chin augmentation will depend on your unique concerns, the technique employed, and potential anesthesia fees, among other factors. Once your needs and goals have been discussed in detail with Dr. Laverson, he will create a personalized treatment plan for you. Based on this surgery plan, we will be able to estimate your costs.  San Diego Cosmetic Clinic accepts a variety of payments, as well as low-interest medical financing.

Will augmentation fix my double chin?
A chin implant is meant to provide a stronger, sharper look to your lower face. If you have a double chin, you might prefer neck liposuction to have the excess fat in your submental area (the upper neck below the jawline) removed. Occasionally, neck liposuction on its own can give you a better jawline and appearance without requiring an implant. Dr. Laverson will discuss your choices and his suggestions during your first appointment.

Can I combine other facial surgeries with chin augmentation?
Many people get a chin implant along with another facial surgery, such as cheek implants or rhinoplasty. Dr. Laverson can help you choose the procedures that are ideal for your concerns and goals. It can be challenging to decide which treatment(s) could be best for you on your own, which is why having a consultation with Dr. Laverson is so crucial. He will use his years of experience and eye for aesthetically pleasing results to help you develop a personalized treatment plan that achieves the outcomes you want.

What's the difference between mentoplasty and genioplasty?
Mentoplasty is a procedure that adds fullness and shape to your chin. On the other hand, genioplasty reconstructs the chin bone, typically by removing unwanted matter. Depending on the state of your chin and your cosmetic goals, you could receive both surgeries or just one. In addition to being a cosmetic procedure, a genioplasty may also be done to improve certain medical concerns, like the alignment of your bite. Dr. Laverson can help you determine whether a mentoplasty, genioplasty, or both could best achieve your goals.

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Redefine Your Profile

Chin surgery with an implant is frequently requested at the San Diego Cosmetic Clinic because like rhinoplasty, chin augmentation aesthetically balances facial features and re-shapes a more striking facial profile. If you're considering an improvement in facial features, contact the San Diego Cosmetic Clinic and schedule a one-on-one consultation with board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Steve Laverson.  Our 3-D Canfield technology will graphically simulate your result before chin augmentation so you'll understand the change to expect.

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