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About The Brazilian Butt Lift

The Brazilian butt lift, a new and innovative technique for butt augmentation, is quickly becoming one of the most sought-after cosmetic treatments and has gained widespread popularity among women and men alike. This shape-enhancing surgery allows patients to achieve a fuller, rounder backside without the use of an implant. There are many factors that could contribute to a flat, deflated buttocks appearance, such as aging, weight loss, and genetics. To get the firm and healthy look that's considered desirable today, board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Steve Laverson can perform butt augmentation with an autologous fat transfer to produce natural and long-lasting results.

This enhancement is achieved through a careful and precise process that removes unwanted fat from an area of the body (such as the stomach, thighs, or flanks) and reinstates it throughout the butt until the ideal result has been attained. A procedure of this nature requires not only great technical skill but artistic vision as well to produce an outcome that's natural and seamless. If you feel discouraged by the overall shape of your buttocks and would like to learn more about butt augmentation using the Brazilian butt lift technique, contact our San Diego, CA office, San Diego Cosmetic Clinic. Dr. Laverson looks forward to meeting with you.

What ARe The Benefits Of A Brazilian Butt Lift?

In addition to improving your curves and lifting your butt, a Brazilian Butt Lift has some great added benefits, including:

  • Removing stubborn fat from problem areas

  • Contouring and slimming your waist and stomach

  • Enhancing your proportions for a more defined shape

  • Being a safer option than implants

  • Giving a more natural look and feel

  • Producing immediate results

Ideal Candidates

To determine your candidacy for a Brazilian butt lift procedure, Dr. Laverson will perform a thorough examination of your buttocks. From there, he will assess the amount of fat you have for removal and consider your goals. If you are of low body weight or have an insufficient amount of fat to harvest, you may not be a candidate. It's also important for patients considering this technique to have healthy skin laxity. If sagging skin is present, butt lift surgery may be required. The Brazilian butt lift could be a good option for you if:

  • You are at a healthy, stable weight
  • You have a sufficient amount of fat that can be removed
  • You have realistic expectations for the outcome of your surgery
  • You prefer not to use a medical device for augmentation, such as an implant

Surgical Technique

Your Brazilian butt lift will be performed in our on-site AAAASF-accredited surgical center where general anesthesia or local anesthesia may be used. In most cases, this procedure takes 3 – 4 hours to complete. A form of liposuction will be implemented first to harvest your fat from the predetermined areas of your body, like the lower back, upper thighs, flanks, or stomach. The extracted fat is then purified in a centrifuge, leaving only the highest quality tissue. This fatty tissue is then placed into syringes and prepared for injection. Dr. Laverson's injection process is careful and intricate: he administers the fat one layer at a time, massaging the skin after each injection to ensure an even, attractive surface. This process is repeated until the desired look has been achieved. To account for any potential fat reabsorption, Dr. Laverson may inject more fat than is needed. Because your transferred fat cells will stay where they are, your results should last for many years.

What to Expect

After your procedure, you will be released from our on-site recovery area to heal at home. During your recovery period, you should keep in mind the two areas of your body that need to heal: the area(s) of fat extraction and your newly augmented buttocks. Both regions may have bruising, incisions, and carry some discomfort over the coming days. It's important to not place weight on your behind for at least two weeks after your surgery. Once the swelling has subsided, your results will be much more noticeable with your fullest outcomes emerging around 4 – 6 weeks after treatment. Once you have healed fully, your backside will look fuller and shapelier. For an added plus, the areas that were subjected to fat removal will also appear slimmer, which can further enhance your results if liposuction was performed on the hips or lower back.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a Brazilian butt lift cost?
Your total expenses for a Brazilian butt lift will include the cost of both a fat transfer and liposuction, anesthesia fees, as well as pre- and post-op care. As soon as Dr. Laverson has developed your BBL treatment plan, he will be able to give you more accurate cost estimates. San Diego Cosmetic Clinic accepts several payment methods, and we can provide you with information on low-interest medical financing if needed.

Should I get implants or a fat transfer?
If you'd like to add additional volume to your buttocks, then both a butt augmentation with implants and fat transfer can help. The technique you choose may depend on your amount of body fat, your goals, and your preferences for surgery. During your one-on-one consultation, Dr. Laverson will use his years of experience to help you make the best decision for your body and for your goals.

How long will my results last?
Although a small amount of fat may be reabsorbed by your body after your fat transfer, the majority of the reinstalled fat cells will stay in their new location for many years. To help your results last for years or even decades, you should maintain a stable weight. Major weight gain or loss could compromise your results.

How can I recover effectively after a BBL?
To promote a safe recovery following your BBL, Dr. Laverson will give you detailed post-surgical instructions. You should avoid sitting on your buttocks for at least 14 days. He often suggests that his patients get a donut-shaped or Boppy nursing pillow, which will allow you to sit down with the pressure distributed to your legs rather than your buttocks. Light stretching and short walks will help to improve your blood flow and reduce swelling.

Will a Brazilian butt lift remove loose skin?
While it's called a Brazilian butt lift, this name can be misconceived since the procedure is not truly a "butt lift." A true butt lift removes loose, sagging skin on the backside. If you have moderate or severe sagging skin in your butt, you may be required to combine a gluteoplasty with your BBL procedure. Dr. Laverson will discuss your options during your initial consultation and determine if this is a required course of action.

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The Brazilian butt lift technique has grown tremendously in popularity because of the natural and lasting results it has produced for women and men alike. With the world around us becoming more and more enamored with fuller, shapelier backsides, there's no wonder why this treatment is quickly becoming one of our more highly requested services. With creative new methods being developed in the cosmetic industry, there's no reason why you can't seek out the look of your desires. If the minimally invasive Brazilian butt lift surgery interests you, contact our San Diego, CA plastic surgery office and schedule your one-on-one one consultation with board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Steve Laverson.

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