Five Reasons Women Undergo Breast Augmentation Surgery

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When you think of breast enhancement surgery, you may think of a young woman getting implants to fill out her naturally small chest. While this is certainly a common scenario, there are a number of other compelling reasons that women of all ages and lifestyles choose to undergo breast augmentation. Acclaimed board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Steve Laverson and the caring team at San Diego Cosmetic Clinic understand the personal nature of choosing to get breast implants and are committed to helping patients find the most fitting solution for their particular situation. Keep reading to learn more about breast augmentation in San Diego, including why it remains one of the most popular cosmetic procedures year after year and whether it may be right for you.

What is breast enhancement surgery?

Breast enhancement surgery refers to a family of procedures designed to improve the size, shape, position, or any other characteristic of the breasts. Without a doubt, breast augmentation is the most widely performed breast enhancement surgery in San Diego, though breast lift, breast revision, breast reconstruction, and breast reduction are also popular types of cosmetic breast surgery.

Who needs breast augmentation?

Virtually any woman who has concerns about the appearance of her breasts can benefit from breast enhancement surgery. More specifically, breast augmentation is ideal for women who wish to increase the size or volume of their breasts. With a long list of breast implant options and breast augmentation sizes available, breast augmentation can offer solutions for a wide range of concerns. As with any cosmetic procedure, the decision to undergo breast augmentation is a personal one. Five of the most common reasons for breast augmentation in San Diego include:

1. Augment naturally small breasts

Even after developing fully, many young women still have smaller breasts than they would like and turn to breast augmentation to achieve a fuller and more feminine figure. At 18 years old, women are eligible to receive saline implants, while patients considering silicone gel breast implants must be at least 22 years of age. A third option, fat transfer to the breast, offers patients a more natural alternative to breast implants and may be ideal for young women who have not yet had children and wish to increase their breast size without implants.

2. Restore lost breast volume after pregnancy

There are fewer things that impact the breasts more than pregnancy and breastfeeding, with countless women experiencing decreased breast volume, drooping breasts, and other side effects after having children. Breast augmentation with implants and/or fat transfer is extremely popular for women who hope to restore fuller breasts and a more youthful silhouette after pregnancy.

3. Address sagging breasts due to age

Deflated and saggy breasts can also occur as an unwanted side effect of the aging process. For women with age-related breast sagging and volume loss, a combination of breast augmentation with lift can be particularly beneficial.

4. Reconstruct breasts after breast cancer/mastectomy

Many women who undergo mastectomy, lumpectomy, or another breast cancer treatment choose to have their breasts reconstructed, which can be performed with or without implants, to feel more feminine and whole again. Fortunately, federal law requires breast reconstruction after breast cancer to be covered by insurance.

5. Boost self-confidence

In addition to the physical concerns that lead women to undergo breast augmentation, there are almost always emotional motivations for breast enhancement. For the vast majority of breast augmentation patients, the procedure can help them to feel more attractive, comfortable, and confident in their own skin.

Do I qualify for breast augmentation near me?

Patients considering breast augmentation in San Diego should be:

  • At least 18 years of age
  • In good overall health
  • At a healthy, stable weight
  • Have healthy motivations for surgery
  • Have realistic expectations for their results

During your initial consultation, Dr. Laverson will examine your breasts, discuss your specific concerns and goals, and help determine whether breast augmentation is right for you.

Get the feminine and sexy body you’ve always wanted with San Diego breast augmentation surgery

Whether you have experienced significant changes to your breast over time or simply want to enhance your naturally small breasts, you may be a candidate for breast augmentation. To learn more about the life-changing benefits of breast enhancement surgery in San Diego, CA, call San Diego Cosmetic Clinic to schedule your private consultation with internationally recognized board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Steve Laverson today!

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