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Ten Tips To Speed Up Rhinoplasty Recovery Time

Dr. Steve Laverson | 08/05/2020

Feel like yourself sooner and be able to show off your gorgeous new nose in no time with these helpful tips for a quick recovery after rhinoplasty.


Can A Tummy Tuck Be Combined With Other Cosmetic Procedures?

Dr. Steve Laverson | 07/28/2020

Consider pairing your tummy tuck surgery with another exciting procedure for a more complete and dramatic transformation with stunning results.


How Does A Facelift Help You Look Young Again?

Dr. Steve Laverson | 07/21/2020

Discover the life-changing benefits of facelift surgery, including how it can help boost your confidence and make you look up to ten years younger!


Unhappy With The Size Of Your Labia? A Labiaplasty Can Help

Dr. Steve Laverson | 07/14/2020

If you are self-conscious, anxious, or embarrassed about the appearance of your labia, find out how vaginal rejuvenation with labiaplasty can help.


Six Things To Know Before Getting Rhinoplasty In San Diego

Dr. Steve Laverson | 07/07/2020

Get answers to all of your questions about rhinoplasty, including how it works, what to expect during recovery, and how long your results may last.


Public Health Recommendations to Control Viral Spread, March 23rd, 2020

Dr. Steve Laverson | 03/23/2020

Published Federal Recommendations to Prevent Individual Infection and to Prevent Community Transmission of Virus


How To Know Which Breast Implants are Right for Me? (A Woman's Guide)

Dr. Steve Laverson | 01/07/2020

Information on breast implants, choosing breast implant size, implant brands, breast augmentation scar, breast implant shape, saline or silicone gel.


How Does San Diego Cosmetic Clinic Minimize Your Chance of Infection?

Dr. Steve Laverson | 01/01/2020

Ten Steps to Prevent Infection After Cosmetic Surgery


Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery in San Diego

Dr. Steve Laverson | 10/20/2019

Traveling to San Diego for Plastic or Cosmetic Surgery.


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