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Five Reasons Women Undergo Breast Augmentation Surgery

Dr. Steve Laverson | 04/08/2021

Breast augmentation isn’t just for naturally flat-chested women, though it can certainly help! Discover 5 common reasons for breast enhancement here.


Three Areas Improved With Lower Facelift Surgery

Dr. Steve Laverson | 03/23/2021

What is the difference between a full facelift and a lower facelift, and which one is right for you? Discover the benefits of lower facelift here.


Will A Tummy Tuck Help Relieve My Back Pain?

Dr. Steve Laverson | 03/18/2021

Tummy tuck surgery may have more benefits than you think. Discover the long list of symptoms and concerns that can be addressed with abdominoplasty.


What Causes The Need For Labiaplasty Surgery?

Dr. Steve Laverson | 03/11/2021

Vaginal rejuvenation surgery can work wonders for women struggling with the side effects of an enlarged labia. What causes this in the first place?


What Not To Do After Rhinoplasty Surgery

Dr. Steve Laverson | 03/05/2021

Ensure a comfortable, speedy, and successful rhinoplasty recovery by knowing what to do – and what not to do – after nose surgery in San Diego, CA.


Can A Neck Lift Improve My Jawline?

Dr. Steve Laverson | 02/28/2021

Embarrassed by a double chin, drooping jowls, or hanging neck skin? Discover the benefits of neck lift surgery for sculpting a more youthful contour.


Where Are Facelift Incision Scars Located?

Dr. Steve Laverson | 02/20/2021

A helpful guide on what to expect after facelift surgery, including how long it may take your incisions to heal and where your scars will be.


Can Tummy Tuck Surgery Help Me Lose Weight?

Dr. Steve Laverson | 02/09/2021

A helpful guide on tummy tuck surgery, including what it is, how it works, what results are possible, and whether you can expect to lose weight.


Will Labiaplasty Leave Obvious Scarring?

Dr. Steve Laverson | 02/02/2021

Having vaginal rejuvenation surgery can help you feel more comfortable and confident about your body without anyone knowing you had the procedure.


Why Should You Avoid Blowing Your Nose After Rhinoplasty?

Dr. Steve Laverson | 01/26/2021

Could something as innocent as blowing your nose actually be dangerous after rhinoplasty surgery? Why? Learn the answers to these questions and more.


Neck Lift Vs. Neck Liposuction. How Do They Differ?

Dr. Steve Laverson | 01/20/2021

Struggling with stubborn fat or loose neck skin? Discover the benefits of neck lift and neck liposuction, and find out which may be right for you.


How Many Years Can Your Facelift Results Last?

Dr. Steve Laverson | 01/13/2021

Facelift surgery can undeniably transform your look and may help turn the clock back by as much as ten years! But how long will your results last?


Can You Be Too Skinny For Tummy Tuck Surgery?

Dr. Steve Laverson | 01/06/2021

Are thin women still eligible to get tummy tuck surgery? Learn more about abdominoplasty surgery here, including whether you may be a candidate.


Are Labiaplasty Results Permanent?

Dr. Steve Laverson | 12/26/2020

Learn what to expect after vaginal rejuvenation labiaplasty surgery, including how long your results may last and what you can do to maintain them.


When Is Revision Rhinoplasty Necessary?

Dr. Steve Laverson | 12/23/2020

Learn what signs, symptoms, and complications may mean you are a good candidate for revision rhinoplasty in San Diego, CA.


How Long Will Tightness Last After Neck Lift Surgery?

Dr. Steve Laverson | 12/09/2020

A helpful guide on what to expect during recovery after neck lift surgery, including how long you may experience a feeling of tightness in your neck.


Will A Mid-Facelift Lift Sagging Cheeks?

Dr. Steve Laverson | 12/02/2020

A useful guide on the different types of facelift to help you determine which may be most appropriate for your own concerns, such as sagging cheeks.


Can A Tummy Tuck Help You Achieve An Hourglass Figure?

Dr. Steve Laverson | 11/24/2020

Looking to restore that sexy, feminine, hourglass figure you once had? Find out how tummy tuck surgery can help you achieve the body of your dreams.


How Long After Labiaplasty Can You Return To Sex?

Dr. Steve Laverson | 11/17/2020

Make sure you know what to expect during labiaplasty recovery, including how long you may need to wait before resuming sexual activity.


What Is The Best Way to Sleep After Rhinoplasty Surgery?

Dr. Steve Laverson | 11/10/2020

Ensure proper healing, a comfortable recovery, and gorgeous results with these tips for safe sleeping after rhinoplasty surgery in San Diego, CA.


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