Female Rhinoplasty for smaller natural proportional nose and smaller tip of nose*

Procedure Details

She just wanted minor changes, and a nose that appears natural, NOT surgical, or "done." She specified just to lower the top of her nose so it was straight, to diminish size of her nasal tip, and to slightly raise the tip of her nose. All of her requested changes were simulated graphically in advance, as Dr. Laverson does for all patients prior to rhinoplasty. Our routine is that every patient agree upon the planned result with Dr. Laverson prior to rhinoplasty surgery. We proceed with nose surgery only when we both agree on what should be done to avoid misunderstandings with respect to desired rhinoplasty results. Although the simulated result cannot be guaranteed, what IS guaranteed is that Dr. Laverson and every rhinoplasty patient agree upon the aesthetic goals for the rhinoplasty procedure. "After" photo is six months following her nose surgery. She was pleased with her rhinoplasty.


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